Ultimate Strategies for Link Building Success

Posted on by Jerry James

Are you planning to boost your link-building strategies for brand awareness and business promotion? If so, you need to know the ultimate strategies in order to increase your marketing efforts and achieve your goals. However, there are only two ways to build links; it’s either organic or artificial. Whichever you want to use, make sure to customize it according to your brand’s needs, so that you can succeed in promoting your products and services to your target market.

Google ranks websitesWebsite owners should also know how important it is to understand how Google ranks websites. By scanning for keywords that you are targeting on your own web content, you’ll get much needed information in relation to opportunities in having external sites connect to yours. To attain better ranking, you should follow these tips:

Content creation and promotion – make sure to create relevant and compelling content which are interesting to internet users. This will support your link building goals in no time.
Submissions – submit your content to press release distribution sites, directories, and other sites in order to spread brand awareness.
Reviews and mentions – put your products, services, or sites in front of prominent bloggers.
Links from partners and friends – get everyone you know to connect to your website.
There are lots of resources which can help you get more strategies in acquiring links. However, there are some main concerns when it comes to increasing inbound links. One of these issues is that link building usually takes time and the other is that it is too dependent on certain external factors. Thing is, there are simple ways to build links without paying any fee.

White Hat vs. Black Hat

Link building is divided into two main types, namely “white hat” link building and “black hat” link building. To help you understand the two concepts better, here are some things you should probably know:

black hat1.Black hat link-building – the website spam team of Google is responsible in preventing search results manipulation in the course of link building. In order to avoid receiving severe penalties, you need to provide user-friendly link building strategies. This method actually refers to acquisition of links through minimal effort. Always remember that black hat link-building is frowned upon not only by Google, but also by other search engines.

white hat2.White hat link-building – this strategy adds more value to end-users. With the approval of Google, website owners are encouraged to use the white hat tactic in order to get more links to their site. With high quality and relevant links, you are sure to win more customers and more people will browse your site’s pages. However, it may be difficult to do this, but there are professional solutions to help you carry out Google-friendly link building tactics.

In case you’re still not aware of what organic link building really is, just remember this – it’s the natural way of providing links to your site. With the help of nyseoexplode SEO specialists, you can build links that are compelling and relevant to users. In addition, Google can rank your site in search result pages when users are looking for the same products and services that you are currently offering.

Organic link building can be easily done through:
  • Quality content
  • Latest news and topic on blog posts
  • Social bookmarking
  • Ezines-approved articles
  • Giving gifts

They say that the ultimate way to link building is the free solution. The free strategies offered online can significantly help you in drawing more visitors to your website. If you improve your site’s search ranking, users can quickly get to it without exerting too much effort.

So if you simply want to boost brand awareness while promoting your business to target customers, an excellent link building strategy will support your needs. Be sure to focus on your tactics and guarantee that your internal links are built with quality for best promotional campaigns. Get unmatched rankings now!

Customize ID Lanyards Easily by Knowing Their Parts

Posted on by Douglas Austin

Ordering ID lanyards today is easy as providers start to develop their websites with platforms used for customizing clients’ ID lace orders. Buyers can select from offered customization choices and other accessories before finalizing their purchases. However, customizing their orders may be challenging without knowing different lanyard parts like the following:

Neck Strap

Customize ID LanyardsThe strap is the main ID lace worn around the neck. This part can be made from different materials although the common material choice is nylon. Nylon threads are woven together to form the shoelace-like strap. Technology, however, gave way to using materials that meet users’ requirements (such as those regarding eco-friendliness). ID lace straps are available in flat, tubular and round shapes, but most clients choose the flat option because its surface makes printing texts easier.

Crimp Lock

Crimp locks are the metallic or plastic materials that tie the neck strap together. This prevents the badge holder from falling off once worn. Metallic crimps are often the standard options because people only choose them according to function. However, plastic options are now widely used in making ID lanyards since they serve as additional accessories for the badge holders.

Depending on the crimp lock design, it can hold company logos for branding and additional design.


A slider is a small item that slides up and down around the lace for adjustment. This can tighten the lanyard to fit the wearer properly. Sliders can be rounded or square attachments with a button-like part. Push the button to loosen its grip around the lace for sliding. Release the button and it will lock itself into place.


A breakaway is a common attachment on ID Lanyards for easy removal. Its main purpose is to detach the lace in cases of emergency. Instead of taking the ID off their neck by letting them go through their head, users simply need to pull the breakaway apart and release the two strap ends for easy detaching .

Tail Attachment

Tail attachments refer to the accessories placed at end part of the ID lace. This attachment can be buckles, hooks or loops used for IDs or mobile phones. A tail attachment also helps in removing ID cards easier because of its easy-to-remove latch. This attachment can be made either removable or fixed on the lanyard depending on the buyers’ preference.

ID Clips

ID clips can be vinyl or plastic clips that hold the ID card. It can be attached to the crimp lock or the tail attachment. Apart from holding IDs, clips are also placed on ID lanyards to serve as additional design accessories. They are available in plain colors to complement different lanyard colors.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are retractable threads. The reel attaches to the main ID or clips. Users can pull their IDs and the reel will extend its threads for users to flash their badges easily, especially if the lanyard is too short. It will retract the thread back to the reel after the user is done flashing his ID.

Card Sleeve

Card sleeves serve as protective accessories for IDs and badges. They can be plastic sleeves enclosing ID cards for additional scratch and dirt protection. Sleeves can be made from thin vinyl plastic sheet. Other hard plastic frame-like sleeves are also available for additional protection. These choices provide extra protection from bending and damaging badges. Color options also come in varying types to complement the main lanyard design.

Knowing the parts of ID lanyards is crucial for ordering. This gives buyers an idea about which parts can be customized and how to improve their overall design upon visiting the provider’s website. Consider these attachments to get your preferred lanyard design.

5 Things You Could Turn Storage Containers Into

Posted on by Crystal Powers

Innovation is the word of the century. People have invented things and its disposal has been a problem for many years. Same with storage containers; once owners are done transporting or storing their products, disposal is a hassle. Fortunately, these containers are built to withstand time and are not easily destroyed. The only way of disposing it is not to dispose of it. You may put it up for sale or you transform it into something useful. Either way, you are the one who will benefit from it.

Here are some things that you could turn storage containers into:
1.Mobile home.

It probably is the most popular storage unit innovation. People who likes to camp out and travel find these metal containers an economic and an environmental friendly way to own a comfortable camping home. Since it is naturally rectangular in shape, it is easier to put up with. A few more touch ups and you’re good to go out in an adventure.

2.Stationary, fully-functional home.

With cost of living getting more expensive in many places, more and more people are turning into frugal living. Finding themselves in so much debt drove them to leave their current lifestyle and live within their means.

Storage containersOwning a storage container and turning it into a fully functional house will definitely give you the peace of mind that you want. It doesn’t only cuts down your expenses, it will also save you a lot on mortgage. Since you’re living in a small space, mortgage will definitely go down a huge deal. And it will not compromise the quality of a fully functional home that you have always wanted.

3.Fully functional bathrooms.

If storage containers can be turned into a beautiful and modern dwelling places, much more that it can be turned into a fully functional and modern toilets and bath. Whether it’s an outdoor toilet and bath for your cabin in the woods or an indoor bathroom in your city apartment, these prefabricated containers will not spare you the comfort and feel the usual bathrooms have. In fact, it will add to the character of your house if you’re the creative type of person.

4.Mobile restaurants.

Everything is getting mobile in our era—even restaurants. There’s no stopping our young chefs/entrepreneurs to take their food to many places if it means better profit and a larger market. Although, of course, there are cons about getting your restaurant portable, the beauty of travelling and meeting people from different towns and states is just priceless.

5.Mobile classrooms.

Our educational system is turning mobile as well. It could be the only way to reach every children in the country, especially those who don’t have immediate access to education. Storage containers have been a wonderful mode of transport to provide books, computers, and internet to places untouched by commercialism and technology. The best thing about them is that they could be put up with solar panels, turning it into a solar powered, portable learning facility—perhaps one of the best innovations on these metal containers.

The possibilities for these once-built-for-specific-purpose storage units seem to be endless as the need arises. Sure it requires a very careful planning and a good amount of thought so it could be turned into dwelling units, but at the end of the day it is us who will benefit more.

These are made to be very sturdy and resilient to extreme weather conditions—they sure won’t vanish into thin air. It’s not as disposable as many other inventions of the century. Again, the only way to dispose them is to not dispose of them. It is definitely worth all the investment to turn them into something else.

The Dummies’ Brief Guide to Printed Circuit Boards

Posted on by Elsie Hamilton

Ever since they were first introduced in 1936 by Paul Eisler and later on popularized for their use in bomb detonators in the 1950s, printed circuit boards have become highly popular, so much so that they are now considered the standard for supporting and connecting electronic components that are necessary for running almost any electronic device from mobile phones to cars.

Manufacturing Process

The first step in creating printed circuit boards is the designing phase. This is done with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and other electronic design automation (EDA) tools. This phase will basically dictate how the PCBs will turn out, as many decisions are made during this phase, such as the card dimensions and template, the boards’ stack layers, the layout of how the electronic components will be placed, and how the signal traces or pathways will be routed.

Afterwards, a prototype is produced using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. This begins with inputting the so-called Gerber data, which will lead to the generation of digital tools necessary for producing the prototypes (e.g. drill files, layer images, electrical test files, etc.), until finally the copper patterns are produced and then replicated.

pcbOnce the copper traces are ready, the components are assembled by soldering them onto the board. There are two ways in which these are done: either holes are drilled into the board so the components are soldered through them or the components are directly soldered on the boards’ surfaces. Often, a combination of these two methods is used for a single board.

Once the board and its components have been assembled, the printed circuit board assembly (PCB) is then coated with masking materials such as lead-free solder, lead solder, immersion gold or silver, deep or hard gold, and a lot more.

Once the above processes are done, the final step is to print the legends and texts to properly label the PCB and its parts.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

PCBs are classified depending on the number of sides in which the copper traces are placed.

o Single-Sided PCB

This is the most basic type of PCB. It only has a single layer of substrate on which the electrical components are assembled on one side while the copper traces are etched on the other.

o Double-Sided PCB

This type of PCB is the most common type of PCB as it allows for higher automation without having to add more layers of substrate. As the name suggests, the electrical components are assembled on both sides of the board, and there are copper traces on either side as well. This usually uses THT together with SMT for the assembly process.

o Multi-Layered PCB

More complex PCBs under this type commonly have anywhere from four to forty-two layers of substrate, though there are some PCBs that may go beyond this number. These PCBs use insulation to separate one substrate from another. Multi-layered boards are used for equipment and devices that require highly complex electronic circuits for their sophisticated functions.

Application and Use

Printed circuit boards were first used by Paul Eisler for radios in 1936. It was not until the 1950s, however, that his invention became popular after having been mainly used by the US Military for bomb detonators that they had intended for countering the German Military’s technological advancements. After the war, the US government had allowed the PCBs to be used commercially, particularly in industrial applications. Today, however, PCBs are used for practically any electronic device. These include computers, mobile phones, cameras, radios, music players, television sets, and basically anything that relies on electricity for it to function.

The many uses of a lanyard

Posted on by Fred Kim

A lanyard is the thick strap of polyester or rope usually worn around the neck. The most common use for a lanyard is to hold a person’s ID. You wear it around your neck with your ID so it won’t get lost and will be easily seen by other people. This is done because most offices require their employees to always keep their identification cards visible.

However, this is only one of the many ways you can use a lanyard. It is actually a very useful tool and here are some of the other ways you can use it:

1. Never lose your glasses again! There are certain types of lanyards in which you can attach you glasses on. This solves one of the common problems people with glasses face.

You lose your glasses because you forget where you placed it after you took it off for a minute. If you attach it to lanyard then you can take it off and be sure that it won’t get lost because it stays around your neck.

2. Keep your keys safe. Again, sometimes people’s minds fail them and they forget where they place their keys. If you attach it on your lanyard, you won’t lose it anymore and you won’t be at risk of having someone steal them from you. It can be keys to your car, house, or safe, and if someone with bad intentions manage to get their hands on those then it’s nothing but bad news for you. So, you should keep them close to you.

3. Promotional purposes. Having custom lanyards with your company name and logo can be an effective advertising scheme. You can give them away to customers or to clients whenever you need to show gratitude and appreciation. You can also give it to people to get the name of your company out there.

Badge holdersIt is a way for you to inform the public about your company because your brand’s is stamped on it. It is even better when they wear it since it will act as a form of free advertising.

4.  If you have a small dog, this can act as a leash to keep him from wandering too far. You can attach it around the collar and it can even act as an identification tool for your pet.

5. In cases of emergency, you can also use the lanyard as a makeshift rope.

6. If you are organizing an event, these lanyards can be used to hold VIP passes. Since these activities require a bit of moving around, this would ensure that people’s passes won’t get lost.

7. It can also be a means of identifying or classifying groups. You can get these lanyards in different colors and you can give specific ones for each group.

For example, during a sports festival you can assign colors to each team and then give them lanyards in their corresponding colors. Since the lanyard is durable, it can be used again and again no matter the games being played.

8. You don’t always have to wear a lanyard. In fact you can attach it to your valuables, like your wallet or your phone, so you won’t lose those inside your bag. You can even tie it to the inner straps of your bag so you won’t drop it or lose it while walking.

You can use a lanyard in many other creative ways, especially a lanyard that is made of high-quality material. Well, if you can’t come up with unique uses for these cords right now, that’s perfectly fine. As you become more familiar with the lanyard’s versatility, you’ll be closer to that next great idea.

Helpful Tips in Buying the Right Golf Accessories

Posted on by Joseph Kelly

There are different kinds of golf accessories that you can buy and use to improve your game. As with other sports, the secret lies in determining which accessories are must-haves and are worth spending money on, and which ones are mere nice-to-haves that you may put off buying. As a golfer, you also have to exercise caution in finding the best quality accessories that you will use as you perfect your game.

Here are some helpful tips that you may use in order to find the right accessories that will help you unleash your full potential. While these rules are not set in stone, they will help you maneuver through your options and find which ones will present you the best value for your investment. Use them as you go through your search in finding the accessories that will propel you towards your full golfing potential.

Stick to the Basics

While there are golf accessories that will help you feel most comfortable as you play rounds of golf, some of the accessories that you will find will bear little use once you actually step on the course. To keep yourself from overspending, it is highly advised that you stick to the basics first and begin with the necessary accessories that will set you on the right track.

Golfing apparel, a sturdy golf bag, high quality club heads, a sun-proof cap, and a trusty pair of sunglasses are absolute must-haves. Without them, it will be impossible for you to even play a single game. For this reason, you should invest on them and make sure that you will get your hands on the best options. It will be okay to splurge on these items, because you will be able to use them for years.

Ask the More Advanced Golfers

It can be pretty easy to get carried away when buying golf accessories, especially if you are only starting to discover your love for golf. While it is perfectly fine to invest on accessories that will help you advance your skills, you have to keep yourself from overspending on things that you’ll end up not using anyway.

Golf AccessoriesThis is why beginner golfers should seek advice from more advanced players first. Talk to your idols and ask which accessories are most crucial. While you are at it, also try to find out which brands produce that best merchandise that present the best value for money. With this, you should be well on your way towards buying accessories that will help you improve your skills in no time.

Look Around

Once you get the basics in place, there is really no rush for you to complete your arsenal of golf accessories. This means that you can spend ample time in weighing your options and shopping around! Sporting good stores, specialty shops, and online golfing websites will present you with viable options that will complement your technique. Take your time in looking your choices before buying any big ticket item.

Determine your Style

The golf accessories that you buy should not dictate your style. They should complement it. With this said, it is truly a must that you determine your playing style and technique before you invest on auxiliary accessories. Doing so will keep you from spending on things that you do not really need. Find options that will make you feel more comfortable as you play. This is the main purpose of such accessories, after all – to put you at ease and place you in the best frame of mind that will leave you free to explore and allow you to improve your skills.

7 Types of Keynote Speakers Based on Expertise

Posted on by Ruth Harmon

The type of expertise a keynote speaker has says a lot about the level of information and influence the audience will get after the speech. Carefully select who you are going to hire because one type of speaker does not fit all types of audience.

1.The Generalists

Keynote speakersThey are keynote speakers who don’t have particular expertise but still get invited to a lot of events because they are excellent communicators and motivators. They can clearly explain ideas that cannot be explained by data alone. Book authors usually fall on this category.

What’s great about them is that they help an organization achieve its goal by pointing numerous people to one direction at the same time. They influence easily because they do not give people the burden of becoming good at one specific thing like lecturers do. Rather, they motivate people to work harder and improve productivity without going into the details.

2.The Gurus

They are specialists on particular subjects, so they can be hired to help the audience learn specific skills. While generalists influence people, it’s more appropriate to say that gurus teach. Some of them are not as good as generalists when it comes to public speaking, but their knowledge on their field of specialization cannot be underestimated.

These keynote speakers tend to be more expensive since they are practicing experts. However, they also usually agree to longer speaking services, such as for a whole day of training workshop.

3.The Advocates

These keynote speakers are idealists, philosophers, visionaries, and experts in their field but have decided to get out of the box to challenge the status quo normally for social or political reasons. For instance, a veterinarian may be considered a guru but he becomes an advocate when he uses his expertise to fight for animal rights. Typically, they are part of non-government and non-profit organizations.

What’s really good about them is that they are credible and relevant at the same time. However, they may not be a good choice if they refuse to compromise a principle that directly opposes that of the organization. You can’t hire an animal rights advocate if you belong to a cosmetics company that does product testing on animals.

4.The Critics

These keynote speakers are more of a thinker rather than a doer. They observe, analyze, and give opinions rather than take part in the industry where the organization belongs to. Nevertheless, they’ve analyzed a lot of cases in the past that they can easily say what’s good and what’s bad. That makes them a good choice if you want your organization to realize something and validate some practices.

Political analysts who are not politicians and film reviewers who are not actors or directors are considered critics.

5.The Humorists

They are entertainers more than experts. Essentially, they are generalists who specialize in motivational speaking, do not focus on one industry, and know a lot about making their audience laugh. They may not be the first choice for formal events and corporate events, but they can be equally effective in influencing people as the other types of speakers.

What’s great about them is that they get the audience to listen, something that many gurus, advocates, and critics cannot effectively do.

6.The Celebrities

They are famous. That’s the only thing that matters most of the time. They may not be as credible as the other types of speakers, but they easily get attention and make a speech more memorable. Many celebrities hired to deliver keynote speeches do not write their own speech of course. That gives the organizer a chance to inject their own script to the presentation. Hence, they function more like a spokesperson rather than a real speaker.

7.The Executive

They are business executives who often give talks. They are credible because they have authority, experience, and expertise. However, many of them agree to speaking engagements for networking and marketing.

Military Coins in Pop Culture: A Proof of Challenge Coins’ Significance for Servicemen

Posted on by Frank Smith

military coinsChallenge coins are among the most popular memorabilia distributed to military servicemen. While non-servicemen can’t wrap their heads around the concept, handing out military coins has been a tradition for many troops, with other countries adopting the practice. Aside from stories, pop culture can also serve a proof that this tradition exists.

Military Challenge Coins in Amazonia

The novel “Amazonia” is the most popular literary work that showcases challenge coins. Although the coin only appeared in the novel’s prologue, author James Rollins introduced how a challenge coin gave way to identifying an American former Special Forces CIA who have been missing for ears.

Coins in Criminal Minds

One of the long-running US police-themed series, “Criminal Minds” showed how military coins can be used for its characters’ investigation procedures. Special Agent Derek Morgan, a fictional Behavioral Analyst, used a coin to initiate communication with a boy. The boy remained mute and socially withdrawn after experiencing a kidnapping incident. Agent Morgan rolled the coin on the floor to catch the boy’s attention. The story behind the coin also served as encouragement for the traumatized boy. Morgan handed the coin to the boy towards the end of the episode then returned to his office to get another coin from a set he had on display.

JAG and Challenge Coins

Earlier generations that grew watching television would know “JAG” as a long-running adventure series in the US. In one episode, a couple who both served in the military used a retired superior’s challenge coin to decide who will retire from their current position. The retiring spouse will then need to accompany the other to a new duty station. The coin was flipped then the screen froze, leaving the viewers thinking about the outcome.

Unit Coins in Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous

“Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous” is a comedy film starring Jessica Simpson. She portrayed a luck-deprived actress who decided to find a new career by enlisting in the US Army. In the film, Simpson’s graduating class received military coins as memorabilia.

NCIS Coin Identification

An episode in NCIS aired in 2008 showed how the United States Navy Secretary used a coin for identification purposes. The secretary handed his coin to Tony DiNozzo then the latter shared his story about military coins. He said that a challenge coin serves as bragging rights for an individual who rubbed elbows with someone of high authority.

Coins in E-Ring

E-Ring is another popular series that highlighted the use of challenge coins. Colonel Eli McNulty handed a military coin to Samantha Liston, who was running to be Defense Assistance Secretary for special operations. A general, however, was trying to stop Liston from doing so by initiating a coin check. The general stated that Liston is ineligible from attaining a senior position due to her absence on combats. Since Liston doesn’t have a coin then, the general proved his point about her eligibility.

Chase’ Challenge Coins

An episode of Chase, another police procedural series, showed how a challenge coin can be important to a person. The episode first presented Deputy US Marshall Annie Frost who owns a challenge coin and brings it with her all the time. Luke, a new Marshal team member, shared his frustration about not owning a challenge coin. Good for Luke as he got coined at the end of the episode.

Military servicemen and those in the police force consider military coins as valuable treasures showcasing their actions in the field. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that a lot of organizations still distribute these coins as memorabilia, graduation gifts, or as mementos to commemorate fallen members.

The Advantages of Getting Professional Content Writing Services for Your Website

Posted on by Rebecca Cortez

Content writing services provide just what your website needs to draw the audience in and keep them loyal, and that involves churning out relevant and engaging content every so often to give them good reasons to come back and warm up to your sales, marketing, or promotional pitch.

Before websites can begin to engage the audience, it must pass through the needle’s eye of a highly competitive search engine results page. There are hundreds and thousands of websites battling it out for the most coveted top page as most website readers hardly venture beyond the first page when doing their search.

Content writing servicesIf your website is down on the dumps of the search ranking, you probably need to rethink your position and consider hiring content writing services.

Content writing is so much different from writing printed articles. A content writer does not only prepare articles that comply with subject or word requirements, they are internet-savvy professionals who are specialists in formatting tools like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Content writers are specialists in search engine optimization. They do keyword research to help find the right keyword that will direct your target audience to your site. They are updated and well-versed in the use of technology tools such as content management systems.

Every copy should be SEO-friendly to help the webpage get to the top of the search page. This entails technical familiarity with keywords and how they are optimized to help your website obtain higher page ranking.If you’re still wondering how websites go up the ranks of the results page, then SEO is the answer.

Search engines apply search criteria to rank websites. Google itself uses more than 200 parameters to determine how your site would rank in the search results, and they change algorithms from time to time. Besides the keyword factor, search engines are getting keener on finding websites that are most relevant to the searcher’s query and this is where rich, relevant, and useful content come into the picture.

Quality content drives readers to a website.Readers type in the search words and expect to find relevant results. They scan through the descriptions and click on what seems to be the most useful website.You cannot afford to disappoint and lose your visitor with poorly written, uninteresting, and irrelevant articles.

Content writing services can help you provide the content your website needs to make the audience aware of your products and services and entice them to proceed to make the purchase or respond to the call-to-action. Content writers can create persuasive and straightforward articles that give the readers the information they need the moment they arrive on your website and quickly transform them from browsers to buyers.

Providing valuable content and constantly updating your website with high quality, well-researched, interesting, and unique articles keep your audience and search engines happy.Professional content writers can help set the website’s overall tone through the types of articles that are put up on the site.

A content writer has to do a lot of researching to come up with accurate and insightful articles. Often times, doing research is more time-consuming than the act of writing itself. Research is an indispensable tool for creating factual, current, and useful content that internet readers are actively looking for. Good research is needed to ensure that content connects with web pages and does not contradict the website’s messaging direction.

Because of the time and effort required to come up with compelling and engaging contents, most companies prefer to outsource content writing services. Hiring professional content writers gives them leverage to create a more efficient and user-friendly website and more time to devote to product and services development.

What Makes a Softball Trading Pin Click

Posted on by Jody Dearmond

baseball pinsSoftball trading pins were initially distributed to players of each team which they would, in turn, trade with pins owned by players of other teams. Basically, pin trading started as a way to create camaraderie amongst competitors in a sport event. Eventually, the market for trading pins expanded to include spectators of such sporting events. In fact, a certain day is allotted for pin trading, and is sometimes the highlight of sporting activities.

Softball trading pins come in all shapes and sizes. For trading purposes, the ideal pin size ranges from 1.75 inches to 2.0 inches. Some manufacturers produce pins that have 1.5-inch widths. However anything below 1.5 inches makes the pin a collector’s item rather than a tradable one.

Softball trading pins normally depict the logo and official mascot of the team for whom they were manufactured for. Pins can also contain the name of the event, the city and state from which the team originated from, and if space allows, the name of the player, position, and jersey number. Lately, additional designs have been added to trading pins to make them more marketable and to attract more traders.

Softball trading pins nowadays are given add-ons to make them more marketable and attractive. These add-ons come in the form of secondary pins, attachments, and enhancements. Those who want to customize softball pins can choose from several enhancements, which include the following:

1) Blinkies or LED lights this enhancement gives that blinking light feel to any trading pins. A small light bulb is attached to the pin and connected to a small battery located at the back of the pin. When you click on the small button the light will start to blink.

2) Custom Back Print – if in case your logo or mascot covers the entire front side of the pin and adding the player’s name, jersey number, or state will ruin the aesthetics, you can opt to have those printed on the back of the pin using soft enamel, photo screen, or hard photo screen methods.

3) 3D Pin Molds the usual pin mold is 2D and is added with no additional cost. However, if you want to have a 3D-like effect for your pin, you could avail of 3D pin molds (you’ll have to spend more, of course). Such an add-on is only suited for pins made of soft or hard enamel and are die struck.

4) 3D bubbles this enhancement, particularly the clear acrylic bubble ones, can magnify the design if placed on top of the pin. 3D bubbles come in many colors and can add flare to the design of your pin.

5) Glitter a mixture of glitter and paint enamel can add that sparkle to your pin design. The mixture is added to the recess of the design and sealed with an epoxy dome. Light can cause the glitter to sparkle and this will definitely make your pin an eye-catcher at any event.

6) Gemstone not all that glitters is gold, some are artificial gemstones placed strategically on your pin. Such gemstones add appeal and value to the pin, making it in demand in any trade show.

7) Sequential numbering if you intend to make limited-edition softball pins, then you should avail of sequential numbering enhancements. The number is lasered on either side of the pin.

8) Custom numbering you may also want to engrave your specific letter or number on your trading pin. Being roughly the same as sequential numbering, the selected number or letter is engraved on either side of the pin for a customized feel.

Having customized softball trading pins can definitely make you feel confident in any trading event. Go visit your nearest manufacturer and request a unique trading pin for you to collect, use, and share with others.