The many uses of a lanyard

Posted on by Fred Kim

A lanyard is the thick strap of polyester or rope usually worn around the neck. The most common use for a lanyard is to hold a person’s ID. You wear it around your neck with your ID so it won’t get lost and will be easily seen by other people. This is done because most offices require their employees to always keep their identification cards visible.

However, this is only one of the many ways you can use a lanyard. It is actually a very useful tool and here are some of the other ways you can use it:

1. Never lose your glasses again! There are certain types of lanyards in which you can attach you glasses on. This solves one of the common problems people with glasses face.

You lose your glasses because you forget where you placed it after you took it off for a minute. If you attach it to lanyard then you can take it off and be sure that it won’t get lost because it stays around your neck.

2. Keep your keys safe. Again, sometimes people’s minds fail them and they forget where they place their keys. If you attach it on your lanyard, you won’t lose it anymore and you won’t be at risk of having someone steal them from you. It can be keys to your car, house, or safe, and if someone with bad intentions manage to get their hands on those then it’s nothing but bad news for you. So, you should keep them close to you.

3. Promotional purposes. Having custom lanyards with your company name and logo can be an effective advertising scheme. You can give them away to customers or to clients whenever you need to show gratitude and appreciation. You can also give it to people to get the name of your company out there.

Badge holdersIt is a way for you to inform the public about your company because your brand’s is stamped on it. It is even better when they wear it since it will act as a form of free advertising.

4.  If you have a small dog, this can act as a leash to keep him from wandering too far. You can attach it around the collar and it can even act as an identification tool for your pet.

5. In cases of emergency, you can also use the lanyard as a makeshift rope.

6. If you are organizing an event, these lanyards can be used to hold VIP passes. Since these activities require a bit of moving around, this would ensure that people’s passes won’t get lost.

7. It can also be a means of identifying or classifying groups. You can get these lanyards in different colors and you can give specific ones for each group.

For example, during a sports festival you can assign colors to each team and then give them lanyards in their corresponding colors. Since the lanyard is durable, it can be used again and again no matter the games being played.

8. You don’t always have to wear a lanyard. In fact you can attach it to your valuables, like your wallet or your phone, so you won’t lose those inside your bag. You can even tie it to the inner straps of your bag so you won’t drop it or lose it while walking.

You can use a lanyard in many other creative ways, especially a lanyard that is made of high-quality material. Well, if you can’t come up with unique uses for these cords right now, that’s perfectly fine. As you become more familiar with the lanyard’s versatility, you’ll be closer to that next great idea.