5 Things You Could Turn Storage Containers Into

Posted on by Crystal Powers

Innovation is the word of the century. People have invented things and its disposal has been a problem for many years. Same with storage containers; once owners are done transporting or storing their products, disposal is a hassle. Fortunately, these containers are built to withstand time and are not easily destroyed. The only way of disposing it is not to dispose of it. You may put it up for sale or you transform it into something useful. Either way, you are the one who will benefit from it.

Here are some things that you could turn storage containers into:
1.Mobile home.

It probably is the most popular storage unit innovation. People who likes to camp out and travel find these metal containers an economic and an environmental friendly way to own a comfortable camping home. Since it is naturally rectangular in shape, it is easier to put up with. A few more touch ups and you’re good to go out in an adventure.

2.Stationary, fully-functional home.

With cost of living getting more expensive in many places, more and more people are turning into frugal living. Finding themselves in so much debt drove them to leave their current lifestyle and live within their means.

Storage containersOwning a storage container and turning it into a fully functional house will definitely give you the peace of mind that you want. It doesn’t only cuts down your expenses, it will also save you a lot on mortgage. Since you’re living in a small space, mortgage will definitely go down a huge deal. And it will not compromise the quality of a fully functional home that you have always wanted.

3.Fully functional bathrooms.

If storage containers can be turned into a beautiful and modern dwelling places, much more that it can be turned into a fully functional and modern toilets and bath. Whether it’s an outdoor toilet and bath for your cabin in the woods or an indoor bathroom in your city apartment, these prefabricated containers will not spare you the comfort and feel the usual bathrooms have. In fact, it will add to the character of your house if you’re the creative type of person.

4.Mobile restaurants.

Everything is getting mobile in our era—even restaurants. There’s no stopping our young chefs/entrepreneurs to take their food to many places if it means better profit and a larger market. Although, of course, there are cons about getting your restaurant portable, the beauty of travelling and meeting people from different towns and states is just priceless.

5.Mobile classrooms.

Our educational system is turning mobile as well. It could be the only way to reach every children in the country, especially those who don’t have immediate access to education. Storage containers have been a wonderful mode of transport to provide books, computers, and internet to places untouched by commercialism and technology. The best thing about them is that they could be put up with solar panels, turning it into a solar powered, portable learning facility—perhaps one of the best innovations on these metal containers.

The possibilities for these once-built-for-specific-purpose storage units seem to be endless as the need arises. Sure it requires a very careful planning and a good amount of thought so it could be turned into dwelling units, but at the end of the day it is us who will benefit more.

These are made to be very sturdy and resilient to extreme weather conditions—they sure won’t vanish into thin air. It’s not as disposable as many other inventions of the century. Again, the only way to dispose them is to not dispose of them. It is definitely worth all the investment to turn them into something else.